Importance of an Oil Change

Importance of an Oil Change

The oil in your vehicle's engine acts as an essential component to your vehicle's overall health and functionality. Most car manufacturers recommend having the oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but have you ever wondered why? What is the porous of engine oil? And why does it need changing? Let's take a closer look at why oil changes are important to get regularly.

Provides Engine Lubrication

The main job of oil is to provide lubrication to the many components of your vehicle's engine. As these parts move and rub up against each other, they create friction and heat, which causes the metal to break down. Engine oil slides in between the parts to allow them to slide and not grind, lowering the friction and reducing heat. While engine heat is very normal, you never want your engine to overheat. Without proper oil changes, your engine is more susceptible to overheating. The key is always to make sure your engine is properly lubricated and clear of the possibility of drying out and causing a wealth of problems.

More Efficient

This may sound weird, like how does the oil in my car affect its gas mileage? To better understand this, you must understand what oil does for our engine. Oil helps to lubricate the many components of your vehicle's engine, allowing them to run and move easier.  If you have old dirty oil, the engine has to work harder to move those components, in turn using more fuel. Therefore, if you fail to change your oil when necessary, it will reduce your gas mileage.

Prevent Engine Wear and Tear

As oil moves throughout the engine, it picks up dirt and small particles, and as it ages and becomes dirtier, it turns into sludge. When this happens, the oil becomes thick and does not move or lubricate as well. Regular oil changes keep the oil clean and sludge-free, allowing for a more efficient running engine. Oil changes contribute to the cleanliness of your engine. A clean engine is a smooth-running engine.

Longer Engine Life

As mentioned above, clean oil allows the engine to run smoothly and efficiently. When your engine can run properly, it extends the life of the engine and all its components. With better gas mileage, proper engine lubrication, and the prevention of sludge and dirt particles, your engine is sure to last for a long time. While you can't always prevent the problems within a vehicle, you can help ensure that your vehicle's engine life is extended with continuous oil changes.

Alfa Romeo Of Larchmont is Committed to Excellence

As you can see, keeping up with proper oil changes is quite essential for the well-being of your car. Just as we need water to survive, cars need oil to run correctly. The team at Alfa Romeo Of Larchmont understands that you live a busy life and don't have time to sit around a service center waiting for your oil to be changed. This is why we provide quick, convenient, quality service and authentic OEM parts for your Alfa Romeo vehicle. Get your oil changed, your battery replaced, or your brakes inspected, and have it done in no time. Our technicians are highly trained and will provide exceptional service promptly. Allow our staff to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. 

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