Whether you're a homeschooler who likes to incorporate traveling, a parent who likes to help their kids get their homework done in the car, or anything in between, using drive time to learn is great to keep kids busy and make the most of your travel time!

Here are some tips we've found helpful!

Invest in LAPDESKS
Yes, you can make do with a clipboard or writing in a workbook. But if you want kids to stay comfortable enough to keep working, a lap desk is key. We've used lap desks with storage and lap desks with bean bags underneath, and for our family, comfort is key.

Organize supplies.
There is nothing more annoying than thinking you're all set to get math done on the drive to a field trip, before realizing that your student doesn't have a pencil in their backpack. Or they're working on a drawing (my kids love to use sketchbooks in the car) and don't have colored pencils. We have a supply kit that LIVES in the car for road schooling. Just the basics - pencils, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils. 

Make use of audio.
We listen to audiobooks we use in our school in the car. We're able to discuss as we travel. We did a big unit study on a novel, and the bulk of our "reading" in the car, leaving our time at home free for writing and projects and comprehension checks. When my kids are working on math facts, we download silly songs to help us memorize. Even if you don't homeschool, you can count audiobooks as reading time (for comprehension purposes they've been proven to be just as useful) or for memorization of facts! If you aren't all working on the same thing - invest in some quality headphones too!

Stay flexible.
When I'm driving, I can't visually demonstrate (obviously), so if my kids need that, we save it for when we're stopped. But we CAN do things like spelling (they can quiz each other or I can quiz them), math, and discussions about social studies or science.