Every once in a while, it's helpful to review the basics. I feel like there's information out there in spades about organization and cleaning and hacks, but people DO need reminders about the basics to keep your car running right! Put reminders in your planner or phone. 

A smart way to do it is to track your mileage for an average month, so you have an idea of when you'll schedule oil changes. Then you can plan for the next year, and get the dates written down so you don't forget.

1. Review your owner's manual and schedule your regular maintenance.

2. Change your oil every 3000-5000 miles.

3. Change your filters regularly.

4. Flush fluids at least once every two years, regardless of how few miles you've driven.

5. Check the tire pressure every month (don't wait for your oil changes!) and keep your tires at the correct pressure.

6. Get your tires balanced and rotated once every six months. For most people, every other oil change is a good system.

7. Get your brakes inspected at least twice a year.

8. Keep an eye on your alignment. Again, every other oil change is a good system to make sure you aren't letting it slide.

9. Keep your car washed and cleaned, inside and out, to avoid long term damage.

Simple stuff to keep an eye on, but it can help avoid costly repairs down the line!