There is nothing like keeping the memories from a road trip like taking pictures. No matter the destination, pictures mean that you are documenting the trip for a life time. With pictures you can choose to make a photo journal, print pictures, turn awesome shots in to canvas for hanging and more. There are some photography essentials for a road trip everyone needs.




You can go super old school and use a disposable camera or a Polaroid style camera. Lots of people choose to use their cell phones which now have some great camera features and quality built in. A simple or high end point and shoot camera will work too. For more professional shots consider a mirrorless or the ultimate in a DSLR camera. No matter what, have a camera ready for planned shots and for pictures on the fly.




Serious photographers usually have a favorite lens or two. If you are traveling with a mirrorless or DSLR, consider carrying your favorite and most versatile lense along with one to two more. Wide angle lenses are fun while on trips to capture more of the scene for example. Consider where you are going and what types of pictures you will take so you can determine which lens or two will be the best for this trip.





For some trips, you may decide to make a list of must have pictures to take. This works well when you know there are certain landmarks you plant to visit or activities you plan to do. List or not, capture the most special moments you have on the trip. And don't forget to get in the picture. You can always find someone who is willing to snap your picture.




Plan what you will do with your pictures after your trip. For some people having a quality photo printer is key. For Polaroids, you will already have those on hand to hang or share. You can choose to send some off for printing in a photo book or enlarged.